waiting for trains in the Park Street station
The Park Street Station on the GREEN LINE
The Boston area has one of the best transportation systems

in the country, from a large bus (if you must) system to a 

dozen commuter rail lines which fan out from Boston from 

the North and South Stations to the outlying areas. Within

the city and the adjacent communities an excellent subway

rail system including three heavy rail subway lines and 4 

light rail lines reach downtown Boston through subway 

tunnels, the light rail utilizing what was originally 

built as streetcar tunnels.

outbound Cleveland Circle C line train enters Park St. Station
Outbound LRV enters Park Street station enroute to Cleveland Circle on the C route.
Below are some scenes on the B route, Boston College Line.
approaching inbound B Line train looking out window of inbound B line train
inbound and outbound Boston College line trains meet
inbound B line train approaches tunnel portal
Upper Left..waiting to board inbound LRV on B line.

Upper right looking through front window after boarding LRV. All 4 LRV lines utilize private right of ways, all except the D line are located in center median of the adjacent street.

Lower left, meeting outbound two car LRV (subway tunnel portal is visible)

Lower right..approaching subway tunnel portal.

To the left....operator of the inbound LRV.

operator of LRV Green Line inbound B line train
Riverside D LINE Old Colony station on Riverside D LINE
The 4th LRV line is the Riverside D line. As scene in the above views this line is located on a private right of way, the former right of way of the Old Colony steam road. Several of the Old Colony depots remain in service as stops on the T.
BLUE LINE train at Wonderland Station
The B, C, D, & E lines comprise the LRV routes of the Green Line subway. The Heavy rail lines are the RED, BLUE and ORANGE LINES. Shown above is an inbound BLUE LINE Train at the end of the line at WONDERLAND. This line serves the Revere Beach, Suffolk Downs and the Logan Airport on its way to downtown Boston.
BLUE LINE trains meet near Suffolk Downs Inbound Blue Line motorman
Above the inbound BLUE LINE train meets a Wonderland bound train. Note the power pickup utilizes pantagraphs and a catenary overhead. After the train leaves the airport stop the train will use third rail into the subway. The RED LINE utilizes third rail for the entire route and serves the Harvard-Cambridge area after briefly emerging from the subway to cross the Charles River. "Spencer for Hire" fans may remember scenes of this bridge during the opening scenes of the show. On the right motorman of inbound BLUE LINE train enjoys cool drink as we roll along.
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