Chicago Area Theatre
   Past and Present
 Les Hickory

 Devon Hollingsworth  

Mark Noller

 Lee Maloney

 David Reed

David Rhodes

 Dennis Scott

 Barbara Sellers

Tom Sheen

 Don Springer

 Walter Strony

 Bill Tandy

 Jay Warren 

  Dave  Wickerham

 Warren York

  Irene Allen

Fred Arnish 

Claud Ball (no kidding. The ads for him were "Claud

Ball makes them sing at the Marshall Square")

Ralph Bandrob

Al Barnitz

Leon Berry 

Basil Crystal Burns

  Bill Charles 

Milton Charles

  Helen Crawford 

  Jesse Crawford 

Evelyn Dee

Edward Eigenschenk

Mildred Fitzpatrick

Tom Gnaster

  Porter Heaps 

Henry Keats

Bill Knaus

  Ambrose  Larsen 

Kay McAbee

  Al Melgard

  John Muri

  Norm Nelson

  Jack Olander

  Hal Pearl

Florence Beatrice Smith Price

  Arsenne Seigle

  Edna  Sellers

  Preston Sellers

  John Seng

  Tony Tahlman

Leo Terry

  Harold Turner 

  Helen Westbrook 

  Pearl White

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