WurliTzer-Kimball organ at the Gateway Theatre Copernicus Foundation Gateway Theatre
The Gateway Theatre, now part of the Copernicus Cultural and Civic Center, is the sole surviving atmospheric-style theatre in the Chicagoland area. It was designed by architect Mason Rapp of the prestigious firm of Rapp & Rapp, famous for their design of deluxe theaters not only in Chicago (Chicago, Oriental, and Palace Theatres) but throughout the United States. For over 50 years, the Gateway was the direct-from-the-Loop flagship theater for the prolific Balaban & Katz movie theater chain.In 1985, the Copernicus Foundation took over the administration of the theatre, opened its doors to the Polish American and other ethnic communities, as well as Jefferson Park civic organizations.
Rapp & Rapp atmospheric Gateway Theatre
Gateway Theatre is it exists today as part of the Copernicus Foundation and Civic Center. The Kimball console is shown on the right side of stage and the original organ chambers  contain the pipes
Kimball console at the Gateway Theatre
Although the organ is controlled from this Kimball console, the organ itself is mostly made up of WurliTzer components.

When the Silent Film Society left the Gateway for their new home at the Portage Theatre the organ was removed from the Gateway Theatre and no longer exists as a complete instrument

This 3/17 WurliTzer-Kimball is the second pipe organ to fill the Gateway Theatre with the rich sound of the theatre pipe organ. The original organ, WurliTzer opus 2108, 3/11 Style BALABAN 1 was removed in the 60's and is currently located in a suburban Chicago residence. Soon after theatre manager Dennis Wolkowicz arrived on the scene, he and a dedicated group of organ enthusiasts started installing the present organ. Starting with a WurliTzer style B (2/4) through their hard work the organ has grown to its present 17 ranks. The organ is used for silent movies presented at the Gateway by the theatre and the Silent Film Society. Many of these programs feature the Photo Play accompaniment of Dennis' alter ego, Jay Warren, who is considered by many to be one of the best silent film organists in the Chicago area.
For any possible program information check out the Current Theatre Organ Installation Database and type in:"IL" in state block and "Gateway" in Location(venue) block and click on Search Icon.
3/17 Gateway Theatre Grande Pipe Organ Chamber Analysis
Main (left) 8 ranks
Tremulants: Main, Tibia, Tuba, Vox Humana

16' Tuba Horn
16' Diaphone/Open Diapason
16' Tibia Clausa
16' Bourbon/Concert Flute
8' Violin
8' Violin Celeste
8' Clarinet
8' Vox Humana
Cathedral Chimes

Solo (right) 9 ranks
Tremulants: Solo, Tibia, Saxophone, Krumet

16' Tibia Clausa
16' Gamba
8' Post Horn
8' Trumpet
8' Solo String
8' Solo String Celeste
8' Gamba Celeste
8' Saxophone
8' Krumet
Tuned Sleigh Bells
Bass Drum
Snare Drum
Crash Cymbal
Tap Cymbal
Re-it Cymbal
Chinese Gong
Wood Block
Slide Whistle
Bird Whistle
Wind Chimes
Whoopee Whistle
Auto Horn
Factory Bell
Sleigh Bell 1
Sleigh Bell 2

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