The Mighty WurliTzer in the AMBASSADOR THEATRE

St. Louis, Missouri

Organist Milton Slosser, shown here in this 1935 publicity photo was staff organist at the Ambassador and may very well have been Charles' music teacher on the Mighty WurliTzer.
Like many major houses the organ survived as a feature of the program long after the advent of the "talkies". WurliTzer (Opus 1377) was built in 1926 which was the builder's the heaviest production year. It was essentially a Publix-1 Special (although not officially designated as such) with an English Post Horn, Krumet and Open Diapason in addition to the basic Publix 20 rank line-up. The 4/23 Special was one of the first four manual four rail consoles that WurliTzer started using on their larger organs in 1926. All this extra rail space allowed the Ambassador organ much more unification and coupling than was usual*. The organ suffered through years of storage and was slighty vandalized. It was eventually sold after the death of owner, Fred Pillsbury, and is understood to still be intact on the West Coast.

* Some information provided from July 1964 issue of Theatre Organ Magazine

Ambassador WurliTzer stop list

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