Remembering the Uptown

Some 1927 exterior and interior pictures of the Uptown showing the huge auditorium. The 4/28 WurliTzer was one of the finer examples of the organbuilders work and highly regarded by Chicago organists
Organist Don Isham is shown at the Uptown console in 1927. After the silent era, Don was organist at KOL Radio in Seattle and was also involved with the Rollerbowl Rink. Don Isham was a popular Northwest organist who also toured nationally. Our thanks to Tom Blackwell and PSTOS for providing this photo and information.
(left) The new owners of the organ gather at the console with friends just prior to the removal from the theatre. On the far left the late Bob Montgomery, seated at the console is partner Bea Lewis and at the far right is Paul Lewis.
The late Pearl White was one of the last organists to play the organ prior to its' removal. The organ never heard again as a complete instrument
Opus 1060 during its' final days at the UPTOWN

Click here to download PDF of the Opus 1060 stoplist.


Organist Dick Smith made several concert appearances at the Hoosier playing the 3/12 WurliTzer hybrid organ which was installed in the theatre balcony and played from the 3 manual WurliTzer console from Chicago's southside Grove Theatre. Dick is shown above posing on the Uptown console which was on display on the stage during one if his programs. Work had already started in preparation for installation of the Uptown organ. Actual installation never progressed much farther than as shown above with the console acting strictly as a mute display. If only the dream could have come true.
Uptown console makes an appearance during a concert at the Hoosier while organist plays "The Impossible Dream" on the Hoosier's 3/12 organ. This apparently became a self full filling prophecy as the Uptown organ was never installed in the Hoosier.
Hoosier Theatre owner Bob Montgomery (on left) shows the Uptown console to visiting organist Fred Arnish. Console was stored back stage at the Hoosier.

Console at the San Jose California Theatre

After the organ left the Hoosier it was installed in a pizza restaurant in Lemon Grove, Ca. (San Diego area) After the restaurant closed the organ was broken up and sold as parts. Some of the ranks are in the organ in the Berkeley Community Center. The console is in the San Jose Fox California theatre playing a 21 rank Wurlitzer organ donated by the Packard foundation in the refurbished San Jose, Ca. theatre. Console is shown (above) in its new home in San Jose. Photos of California Theatre console courtesy Bob Shomler
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