Above is a photo of one of the scores of business districts scattered throughout the city. Each was centered around the intersections of two major streets. Due to the vast Chicago streetcar system the areas were served by at least two streetcar routes, one N-S and one E-W. The majority of the pipe organ equipped movies houses were located in these neighborhood business districts. The area shown is in the Roseland neighborhood centered around the intersection of 111th Street and Michigan Avenue on the far southside. The streetcar shown is on the busy #36 Broadway-State route which ran across the city enroute to its' southern terminus at 119th and Morgan. In addition to the many shops and businesses this area had two movie houses,the State Theatre in the background to the left and the smaller Parkway Theatre in the foreground to the right. The State Theatre had a 3m 12rank Moller Theatre Pipe Organ (shown on the left below) and the Parkway had a 2m 6rank Wurlitzer Style D which was a popular model for use in smaller movie houses. (shown to the bottom right) The Parkway organ was a model DX which meant it was installed in two chambers.
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